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Order your copy of Forgiveness today to receive an amazing selection of FREE downloads and lessons (see below) exclusively from Iyanla. This special package of bonus tools will help you get started on a liberating journey through the practice of forgiveness.

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Free Downloads and Lessons

You will receive all of the bonuses below when you purchase a copy of Forgiveness and then complete the form above.

#1 A Real Conversation About Living — 60-Minute Lecture, Audio Download and Video Stream ($225 value)
Join Iyanla as she tells you who she really is—a rape survivor, a teenage mother, a welfare recipient, a grandmother, a woman who has evolved into a teacher, life coach, minister, and lawyer. In other words, she knows a thing or two about living! If you think pronouncing her name is hard, wait until you see how hard she works to fix a life.
#2 Tapping the Power Within — 2-Hour Lecture, Audio Download ($10 value)
This transformative and experiential On Demand Lecture is an opportunity to begin the work, to put an end to the stories, to release toxic emotions, and to experience the power in a safe, protective, and supportive environment. During your hands-on two hours with Iyanla, you will learn: To recognize and affirm the spiritual power within • To establish and maintain a daily spiritual practice • Spirit-connecting breathing techniques • Powerful self-affirmations • The foundation for a Spiritual Code of Conduct.
#3 Guided Meditations — Audio Downloads ($10 value)
(1) Connecting to Love: A powerful exercise to help you connect to and experience the unconditional presence of love within.
(2) Forgiveness: An exclusive bonus Forgiveness meditation that was not included on the CD.
#4 Additional Bonus Tapping Scripts — PDF Downloads ($10 value)
Enjoy access to these exclusive bonus, expanded tapping scripts with added material that was not featured in the book:
(1) Day 4: I Forgive My Mother
(2) Day 10: I Forgive My Relationship with Money
#5 Additional Bonus Tapping Scripts — Audio Downloads ($15 value)
Enjoy access to these exclusive bonus, expanded tapping scripts that were not included on the CD:
(1) Day 1: I Forgive Myself
(2) Day 7: I Forgive My Feelings
(2) Day 10: I Forgive My Relationship with Money